Services For Pharma

Medical laws are an integral part of healthcare services. The primary purpose of these laws is to enhance patients’ safety, thereby augmenting the quality of healthcare. However, majority of doctors are unaware about medical laws and often commit medical errors that could be easily avoided. These honest mistakes result in stressful lengthy litigations and financial compensation.

Lack of proper education on medical laws is the leading reason for this unfortunate trend. We, at Institute of Medicine & Law, believe that each and every healthcare provider must have easy access to education on medical laws, it must be delivered in structured and simple non-legal language, and doctors should be encouraged to consider medical laws as an inevitable and integral part of their daily practice.

Pharma professionals and companies have an important role to play in this direction – to educate doctors on medical laws. They often are one of the first points of contact for doctors when it comes to sharing information and keeping doctors regularly updated. They are also in a unique position to engage with doctors by sharing with them this essential and incomparable aspect of quality healthcare delivery.

We would be happy to share detailed information with you about this endeavor. Please join us in our commitment to deliver education on medical laws to every practicing doctor.