About Us

To create, exchange, advance, and disseminate knowledge and understanding of medical laws.

To provide opportunities for acquisition and development of professional knowledge and skills in medical laws.

To lead as a premier center for the advancement of knowledge in medical laws and to advise and co-ordinate with the government, corporate sector, NGOs, and academic and professional bodies on issues relating to medical laws.

To share insights and information and impart education covering the latest developments in medical laws.

To continually update the courses so that they are always in tune with the current needs of the profession.

To ensure that the students are better equipped and more responsive to professional challenges.

To regularly and critically examine and improve methods employed to deliver content.

To maintain academic rigor and augment the respect of Institute’s certification.

Aimed at promoting multidisciplinary, contemporary, pragmatic knowledge of medical laws.

Focus on contemporary issues faced by the profession.

Designed to improve the analytical abilities of students and the application of knowledge in their day-to-day practice.

Managed by the best professionals in medical laws.

Retired Judges of the Supreme Court and High Courts as well as senior lawyers and doctors involved in teaching, research and content development.

The complete administrative and academic autonomy enjoyed by the Institute ensures flexibility for innovation and experimentation in the pursuit of excellence.

IML is responsive in establishing institutional relationships with business, industry, and professional bodies, working in a sustained and mutually beneficial way, and helping both partners to achieve their respective goals.

Our endeavor is to bridge the gap between education, research, and business, and to bring together the government, NGOs, industry and academicians on a common platform for common benefit.

We believe that corporate involvement in medical laws is the need of the hour. On one hand, corporate partnership provides resources and reach which can be optimally utilized by the Institute to provide better and affordable education and for research activities. On the other hand, the Institute’s knowledge, expertise, programs, and facilities can be utilized by the corporate partner to gain a competitive edge in their business activities. The avowed purpose of medical laws, i.e. ‘to make medicine safer’ can be achieved in a more efficient, extensive and expeditious manner through this association.

IML offers a number of structured opportunities for corporate involvement and a framework which enables corporate partners to work closely with the Institute. There are many ways in which hospitals, medical associations, and pharmaceutical companies of all sizes can develop their relationship with the Institute. It could be a multifaceted collaboration or simply a specific one-off project partnership. Our partners can benefit from our accumulated expertise, research capacity, and continually developing knowledge base in the highly specialized domain of medical laws.

The services that we can offer include:

  • Course Production Services - We have an experienced team specializing in developing courses and content that can be easily customized according to specific requirements. These courses can be made available in a variety of formats, including short courses, seminars/workshops, e-learning, and interactive learning networks for different professionals including doctors and hospital administrators.
  • Recruiting MedLegal experts – We assist in recruiting qualified professionals having a pragmatic problem-solving approach.
  • Conducting research – We conduct research on issues related to medical laws.
  • Consultancy – We offer our knowledge-driven expertise, evidence-based research and other facilities through various consultancy services.

IML is committed to the principles of public engagement and public good - a humble contribution to the society, nation and mankind.

Our endeavor is to promote bilateral links with the society through various activities in response to the societal demands.