Continuing MedLegal Education (CMLE)

From ideation to delivery, IML is a one-stop solution provider for conducting CMLE's. These can be offered in multiple formats such as speeches, case based discussions, panel discussions, and Q&A, among others. Speakers, lawyers or doctors, are selected keeping in view the venue, participants profile, topic and format.

Every CMLE is structured around pre-identified 'Do's & Don’ts'. Speakers are equipped with content, cases and event flow to ensure that all important aspects are covered. The approach is 100% evidence based wherein professional errors are identified as well as illustrated through 'real' cases from Indian courts. Pragmatic precautions are suggested in the forms of simple 'Do's & Don’ts'. Content for pre, post and intra conference print inputs are also provided to reinforce the key messages.

IML has set processes to develop, design and deliver CMLE's. Organizers / sponsors are actively involved at each stage and also for finalizing topics, cases and event flow.